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We turn ideas into reality
Meet Significo
We’re a collective of passionate visionaries, crafting powerful health technology to make an impact on the lives of the people using our tools.

Our expert designers and technologists have decades of experience in tech, health, and data. We build tools that solve real problems and make managing health an empowering and intuitive experience.

We believe that technology that puts people first will make healthcare more human.
Our Story
Empowering humanity through innovation

Our Core Values

Keep it Human

From design to partnerships, our commitment is to positively impact all the real lives we touch. 

Push Boundaries

  We create safe spaces to challenge norms, asking "what if" to drive progress and build for people.

Hone Your Craft

We view our work as an ongoing practice, driven by a relentless commitment to quality and excellence.

Go Further Together

Through open collaboration, we're dedicated partners, reimagining health technology with our clients.

From vision to reality

The Significo Story

Significo's Bold Beginnings
Significo's Bold Beginnings

Signifco was founded in 2014 based on a seemingly paradoxical belief: it is technology, handled thoughtfully, that will recenter humanity in healthcare. This belief drives our mission to build technology that solves real problems and makes managing health a more empowering experience. At the heart of everything we do is a passion to give people back control of their health and reimagine healthcare to be more human. 

Brave Ventures
Brave Ventures

Significo has been developing products for many years before evolving into Significo today. We saw a gap in employee wellbeing solutions: digital health products were cumbersome, requiring features that big employers need, but real people don’t care about. So we partnered with some of the largest insurers in the U.S. and Germany to build custom apps and bespoke solutions. We acquired Vilua Healthcare GmbH in 2022 to expand our team.

Product Launches
Product Launches

Our team has grown to over 100 experts in health, engineering, design, and business. Today, we provide partner solutions as well as SaaS products. We developed a personalized health recommendation engine, Recco, to integrate with existing digital experiences for employees and benefits members and provide more engaging, sustainable health and wellness information. We have built a smoking cessation app, a personalized nutrition and exercise app, a meditation coaching app for individuals with chronic illness, and more. And we’re just getting started. 

The Future
The Future

We’re soon launching a digital therapeutics platform for chronic conditions that can be used for any intervention. As a company, we’ll be building the things that matter in health, solving problems that impact real people, real lives. And we’ll continue to partner with like-minded companies that believe in putting humanity back into healthcare, and that technology can improve lives and make managing health an empowering, efficient, and enjoyable experience. 

Our Team
Dr. Rick McCartney
Chris Koha
Caroline Nieto
Chief Product Officer
Víctor Albertos
Dr. Jana Schmidt
Chief Innovation Officer
Adrián Rubio
VP of Engineering
Cy Serrano
VP of Product
Lenya McGrath
VP of Partnerships

We build our own products for customers, as well as custom solutions and technology for partners, using our expertise in all prominent languages and frameworks.

We make healthcare more human using

Digital Health Innovation

We are on a mission to transform health technology and impact lives at scale, by building compliant and secure solutions that help people.

Suite of Products

We craft products that are available for licensing and customization. We’ve built recommendation engines, exercise and nutrition coaches, and caregiver tools.

Collaborative Partnerships

We are committed to long-term partnership and tailored, evidence-based solutions. We offer decades of experience navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry.

Data Solutions

We harness health data in a secure and standardized manner, encouraging data-driven innovation, collaboration, and treatment.

We’re here to make an impact, for health technology, for our partners, and for our team.  

Real Talk,
Real Impact.

Real people — real lives — we have built products and solutions for.
Nationalities Represented on Our Team
Of Our Experts are Women
Papers Published.

We know how important security and regulations are. That’s why Significo is HIPAA, HITECH, CPPA, and GDPR compliant and we have both SOC 2 and ISO 13485 certifications.

Partners you can trust. Unmatched commitment to protecting the people we craft for.


Reach Out Now
Reach Out Now

In our pursuit of innovation and excellence, Significo has earned a series of certifications that stand as a testament to our commitment, expertise, and quality. These recognitions not only validate our proficiency in healthcare technology but also underscore our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in all we do.

Dive in to explore the badges of honor that fuel our drive and assure our partners of our unmatched competence.


ISO 13485 Certification
CCPA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance

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