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Our Story

We value security.

Building software in health requires experience and care be taken to protect sensitive data. Many of us were healthcare providers before joining Significo. We bring with us a natural fluency in HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 13485, CCPA, and many other compliance standards. We believe that it’s essential to internalize the spirit behind these regulations so that we can consistently exceed compliance standards and keep your data safe.

We prioritize accessibility.

Compliance is only part of the battle. We also know that software needs to be accessible to people with varied needs and abilities. We will advise on your accessibility strategy, and always bring a lens of inclusivity to our projects. This means meeting and exceeding accessibility standards while still making experiences pop and be engaging. We don’t believe you have to choose between accessibility and elegance.

We're human.

We bring empathy, intuition, empowerment, and utility into everything that we do. We try to reach beyond designs and programming to get at the core drives of the people who use the things we craft. We want them to feel seen, heard, and respected every time they interact with us. We believe this is the key to using technology to make healthcare human.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

What we do is driven by the personal experiences and stories of those we serve, ensuring a truly personalized approaches to health and well-being. In challenging the status quo, we're not just building a company, but we are reshaping the narrative of healthcare and fostering a community that embraces the humanity of health.

Increase user engagement within your tools now.

Recco is a SDK (Software Development Kit) crafted by the folks at Significo to cater to the health and well-being needs of employees and health insurance members.

Significo Faq's

What would you say you do here?

We design and engineer software that helps people access better quality care and build healthy habits. We do this in two ways. The first is building things ourselves that we see a big need for and then selling this to partners or releasing our own public apps. The second is partnering with companies that are part of the health ecosystem to solve challenges that we are uniquely positioned to do better together than separately. This could be streamlining outdated workflows, building engaging digital experiences, or completely behind the scenes data sharing and integration projects.


What kind of companies do you work with?

We currently work with health insurance companies, holistic wellbeing platforms, employee benefit platforms, benefit brokers, large enterprise employers, and digital therapeutic publishers. We are open to working with any companies that find themselves in a position where they are supporting lots of people as they try to navigate health and life, and see a role for software in that supportive process.


What’s with the name Significo?

A lot of effort went into finding a name for our business that captured our mission to center humans in the discussion of health, and to connect health to intrinsic values and meaning. As an international team, many of us have different native languages. Because of this, we wanted to find a name that sounded good in all of our languages, so we would make sense telling our parents and friends where we work without inducing laughs. Significo captured that perfectly. In our naming meeting, over 12 people took turns pronouncing “Significo” (and several other options) in our native languages or geographical accents. At the end, many spontaneously announced “That’s it! That’s our new name”.


Can we talk about pricing?

Of course! We price our projects based on the level of effort and size of the team involved. Typically project engagements range in cost from $175,000 to $1m+. If we are custom building something together like an app, then this will likely cost $500k+. Our annual licensing of existing products tends to fall in the $175,000-$500,000 price range, but we can be flexible for small organizations and nonprofits. Overall, we have a preference for projects where we will bring a significant value because of past experience and professional knowledge. We don’t spend much time bidding on projects where any software team can build what’s needed, but we have a strong network of development agencies and partners that we would be happy to connect you with if that is what you are searching for.


Making Healthcare Human.

If you work in Employee Wellbeing or Health Insurance and would like to explore integrating with our products please reach out and we can set some time to discuss your needs and potential fit.Alternatively, if you work at a healthcare company, and have a technology need that you would like assistance with; we are happy to discuss your needs.