Aligning employees’ personal goals with organizational objectives can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By taking a human-centered approach and offering personalized digital health interventions to employees, employers can drive engagement, promote employee health, and propel the entire organization toward success.

A 2022 survey by Gartner found that “employees who operate in human-centric work models — where they are seen as people, not just resources — are 3.8 times more likely to be high performing.”

Employee-centric approaches in the workplace such as personalized digital health tools, transparent communication, and constructive feedback emphasize the individual value of each employee and help align employee goals with those of the organization as a whole.

Read on to learn how to use personalized digital health interventions to empower individual employees while achieving your organization’s overall goals.

What Is Human-Centered Digital Care?

Human-centered digital care, as the name implies, places the individual at the center of their own healthcare, empowering them to make informed decisions and receive personalized health recommendations tailored to their individual needs.

According to Frauke Steuer, Director of People, Culture, and Organization at Significo, the challenge in providing this care through personalized digital health interventions is appealing to a wide range of users while addressing each person’s unique healthcare requirements.

When done successfully, however, personalization in digital healthcare allows people to learn about their health and make their desired improvements at their own pace and discretion.

How Do Employee-Centric Approaches Drive Success?

As in healthcare, taking a human-centered approach in the workplace gives employees a greater sense of control over their personal and professional well-being. As a result, they are encouraged to take ownership of their individual development, as well as their role in helping achieve organizational objectives.

By offering personalized digital health interventions to their employees, employers can demonstrate that they value each person’s well-being and believe each person has something meaningful to contribute to the organization as a whole.

“If you are aware of why you are doing what you’re doing, you are more intrinsically motivated,” Steuer says. “Then you feel better about your job and have more fun with it, and then you perform better.”

How Can You Align Employee & Organizational Goals?

When it comes to balancing employee goals with organizational objectives, Steuer says transparency and understanding are key. Employees need to understand what is expected of them and why so they can work alongside the organization’s leadership to solve problems and achieve success.

While Steuer acknowledges that full transparency can be difficult at times — especially regarding sensitive information — she says the more transparently you communicate with employees, the more involved they will feel and the easier it will be for them to contribute their own ideas.

“If you have things to celebrate,” she says, “it’s nice to take the employees with you and have them share in the success as a team. And on the other hand, if you have problems and can say, ‘We are going in this direction because there’s a real challenge,’ then people will better understand it.”

Providing personalized digital health interventions communicates that employee well-being is a priority. For best results, Steuer advises that:

  • The tools be easy to access
  • Employees have plenty of time to participate at their own pace
  • Solutions address both physical and mental health

By ensuring that the tools meet these qualifications — and by consistently communicating as transparently as possible with employees about organizational goals and challenges — you can help each employee understand the vital role he or she plays in the success of the whole organization.

Ready to Succeed With Digital Health Interventions?

When organizational objectives align with individual employee goals, employees become more engaged, and as a result, productivity increases. By offering employee-centric approaches like personalized digital health interventions, you can empower your employees to achieve personal and organizational success.

To learn more about how Significo can help you balance employee goals with organizational objectives to fuel optimal performance, contact us today.