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Case Studies
A Digital Platform to Unify Employee Health And Wellbeing Tools

Significo created a unified, user-centric platform that streamlines health management and enhances employee well-being.


Benefits Provider

About Client:




Strategic Partner and Technology Solutions Provider

Solutions Provided

Group Management
Easy to create and manage exclusive groups, share posts and pathways, and view member lists for streamlined team collaboration and communication.
Health Coaching
Integrates personalized coaching into the program, features a scheduling tool for appointments, a Zoom link for seamless coach interactions, and a secure messaging system for tailored guidance and support.
Reward Hub
Access and manage a vibrant reward mall, monitor real-time redemption statuses and histories, providing users with a dynamic platform for immediate point-based incentives and rewards.
Benefits Wallet
Admins craft and tailor unique company-specific benefits, while users can conveniently view and access their active benefits with direct links to providers.
Biometric Insights
Streamlined health monitoring with clinical biometric screenings, easy lab scheduling, detailed health reports accessible by admins, and a user-friendly dashboard for tracking personal health progress.
Social Stream
A dynamic social feed where super admins view peer posts, admins access company-specific content, and users enjoy automated posts about their achievements, all filterable by categories for a personalized experience.
Challenge Management
A versatile challenge management system where admins create and modify challenges, users engage in personalized or team-based competitions, track progress on leaderboards, and interact with a dynamic, filterable challenge dashboard
Coaching Pathways
Admins curate and manage customized coaching pathways, while users easily select, engage with, and track their progress through intuitive filtering, searching, and a dedicated overview page.
The Opportunity

Our client offers a powerful suite of employee wellbeing tools and services. They were looking for a partner to help elevate the employee health experience and integrate their diverse offerings into a more unified and engaging digital platform. Their goal was to combine different business lines into a cohesive, user-friendly digital hub for learning, health management, peer interaction, and expert coaching.

This initiative aimed to enhance personalization, provide preventive resources, and introduce a flexible system that would significantly reduce the administrative tasks in program management. A crucial requirement was a platform that enabled clients to self-serve and implement custom changes to expand their programs.

Our client said, “Significo had a depth of resources that we couldn't match. And we knew that our project was far more complex than we were likely capable of handling internally.”

To help simplify this complexity and enhance the capacity of their internal team, our client partnered with Significo based on our extensive experience in developing patient support programs, health coaching platforms, and employee reward systems, along with our team’s decades of health expertise. Significo and our client worked together to create a one-stop digital platform, nimble enough to cater to multiple business needs, and robust enough to welcome a growing customer base without a spike in administrative workload.

The partnership was founded on a shared vision of simplifying and humanizing digital healthcare. The collaboration with our client was characterized by a deep alignment of goals, skill-sharing, and a collaborative spirit, culminating in the co-creation of a versatile, one-stop digital platform.

What we did

In the spirit of partnership, Significo’s  team embedded within the client team to create a comprehensive digital platform, tailored to meet a diverse array of business needs while robustly supporting an expanding customer base without increasing the administrative workload.

Significo took radically different interfaces with a hodgepodge of different designs and experiences and created a uniform navigation and visual language for engaging in health promoting activities like annual checkups, lab screenings, exercising, etc.

The innovative platform that emerged includes a native mobile application for Android and iPhone users, a web app for employees, an administrative platform for client program managers, and a super-admin interface for the client. This suite of tools enables comprehensive management of all users across the client’s user base.

A key feature of this collaboration is the intuitive backend system, which marked a significant improvement over the previous setup. This system allows for effortless customization and self-service capabilities for clients, representing a major advancement from the earlier, more rigid structure. This means that clients can self-serve content, announcements, and administer the program in a way that fits their working style and timelines, and the app can support all clients and users in an easy-to-use dashboard.

The features developed through this partnership — including Group Management, Health Coaching, Reward Hub, Coaching Pathways, Benefits Wallet, Biometric Insights, Social Stream, and Challenge Management — were all engineered with a focus on minimizing technical debt and ensuring ease of maintenance. This systematic approach to development reflects Significo’s commitment to delivering solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable and user-friendly in the long term.

The result is a truly collaborative partnership. Our client said, “Significo were able to work with us on understanding what we were trying to accomplish. And frankly they were incredibly responsive to the complexity.”

The Outcome

Transforming Digital Health

In the partnership between our client and Significo, a shared vision for revolutionizing digital health care was brought to life. This collaboration has led to the development of a comprehensive digital platform that not only meets the diverse needs of our client’s business but also significantly eases the administrative load.

Featuring a suite of solutions like Group Management, Health Coaching, and Biometric Insights, this platform stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology combined with human-centric design. It represents a leap forward in simplifying health management, enabling clients to easily manage content and tailor their programs.

The app helps people reduce their health insurance costs, receive cash incentives and other rewards for progress, and ultimately helps people to live healthier lives — making healthcare more human.

At Signifco, we have achieved remarkable success and growth in the industry, thanks to our innovative solutions and dedicated team of experts.


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