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Case Studies
A Smart Health And Wellness Coach For A Large Insurance Company

Significo developed a digital personal coach providing tailored fitness, nutrition, and relaxation advice, all based on scientific principles to enhance health and wellbeing.


Large Insurance Company

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Strategic Partner and Technology Solutions Provider

Solutions Provided

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The Opportunity

The Coach app addresses several business challenges and opportunities for our client:

  • User Engagement: Maintaining user engagement is crucial with digital solutions. The coach app offers motivational tips, feedback, and a bonus system, which keeps users motivated and engaged with the app, reducing churn and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Nutrition Guidance: The app's nutrition tasks, cookbook, and nutrient calculator address the need for reliable and easy-to-access nutrition guidance. This can attract users seeking dietary solutions and contribute to the app's popularity.
  • Complete Health Approach: The coach app’s focus on combining fitness, nutrition, and relaxation activities aligns with the growing interest in holistic health and well-being. This approach can attract a broader audience looking for comprehensive wellness solutions.
  • Data Insights: The app collects data on user activities and achievements. Payers can leverage this data to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends in health and wellness, enabling data-driven decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Integration Opportunities: Integration with the client’s bonus program creates opportunities for cross-promotion and collaborative efforts with health insurance providers or other businesses interested in incentivizing healthy lifestyles.

What we did
  • Personalized Recommendations: Personalized recommendations based on users’ unique needs, health behavior, status (gathered from assessments), and preferences. This ensures that the guidance they receive aligns perfectly with their individual goals.
  • Fitness and Relaxation Activities: The app provides a wide range of fitness and relaxation activities, complete with video and audio descriptions. These include Pilates, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Back Training, and more. It enables users to engage in activities that suit their preferences and well-being.
  • Nutrition Tasks and Cookbook: The app offers nutrition tasks and a comprehensive cookbook featuring approximately 500 healthy recipes. Users can search for recipes based on their dietary needs. Each recipe is accompanied by videos and a nutrient calculator, ensuring users make informed dietary choices.
  • Planning and Notification Functions: The app helps users plan and organize their fitness, nutrition, and relaxation activities. It sends notifications to keep users on track with their wellness journey.
  • Motivational Tips: To boost motivation and keep users active, the Coach app provides motivational tips and guidance for overcoming barriers. It's like having a personal cheerleader to help users stay on course.
  • Content for Environmental Health: In addition to individual well-being, the app offers articles, tips, and recipes related to environmental sustainability.
  • Feedback and Analysis: Users receive weekly and monthly feedback with in-depth analyses of their activities and achievements. This helps them track their progress and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.
  • Bonus System: The Coach app is integrated with the client’s bonus program, providing a bonus system that rewards members’ efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Outcome

After launching the app, our client saw 3x growth in customer engagement on their digital platform. Not only does the Coach app offer valuable services to individuals seeking to manage their health  and well-being, but it also helps our payer partner engage their members, make data-driven decisions, and monetize their content.

At Signifco, we have achieved remarkable success and growth in the industry, thanks to our innovative solutions and dedicated team of experts.


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