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Case Studies
Digital Engagement Platform for Mid-Sized Health Insurance Company

Significo helped an insurance partner to offer a personalized experience and boost engagement with their digital platform by integrating personalized health recommendation content.


Mid-Sized Health Insurance Company

About Client:

Our partner is a health insurance company with several million subscribers.




Strategic Partner and Technology Solutions Provider

Solutions Provided

Integrates Easily
Our SDK seamlessly integrates into your platform providing a consistent user experience.
Balances Health
Recco by Significo focuses on creating a health-oriented environment that supports mental and physical well-being, helping individuals achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.
Makes Smart Recommendations
The cornerstone of our approach is the intelligent recommendation engine encapsulated in Recco.
Provides Insights
Using insights derived from the questionnaires, Recco crafts individualized health recommendations that are uniquely appropriate to each employee and insured life.
Personalizes Content
These personalized recommendations cater to individual lifestyles, needs, and wellness goals by varying in intensity, type, and quantity.
The Opportunity

Our partner made a strategic decision to execute a digital strategy to bring novel resources to their members. One of their investments was an online platform to streamline insured user interactions, offering services like claims processing, healthcare provider information, and a range of features to enhance the customer experience. Their key objectives were enhancing user engagement, increasing wellbeing, and boosting member satisfaction with their online platform. To accomplish these objectives, they knew they needed to optimize their platform to consistently meet the diverse needs and preferences of their members, and to become a trusted resource for all health-related questions and activities.

Personalized Health Recommendations

Recommendation engines (REs) are computer programs that take in information about a person, and then sort through all of the available resources and make suggestions about which resource is most appropriate for a person at a given point in time. They are powered by specialized algorithms that are refined over time and usage to get better at making the right suggestion for the right person at the right time. RE’s have become indispensable in modern technology, with companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix using them to revolutionize user experiences.

Through fine-tuned tailoring of recommendations to individual preferences, REs play a pivotal role in keeping users actively engaged with content that aligns with their interests. This reduces decision fatigue by presenting options that cater to a person’s specific needs, avoiding the need to sort through irrelevant content. By creating more enjoyable user experiences and streamlining efficiency, recommendation engines redefine the way we interact with technology.

What we did

Significo developed a personalized health content recommendation engine called Recco. In our projects, people who received personalized recommendations via Recco remain active in the host platform for an average of 2.5 times longer than previous baseline platform usage.

Recco delivers personalized wellbeing and primary healthcare prevention content, while offering valuable insights into the wellbeing and engagement status of members. Recco also recommends relevant health information that extends beyond their expressed interests to enhance their overall health and wellness journey.

With our partner, we co-created a comprehensive wellbeing platform that includes a variety of features to support users on their wellness journey. With mindfulness and physical activity, meal planning support, health assessments, and smart device connections, users can easily track and improve their fitness goals. Our personalization tool generates personalized recommendations based on user data and preferences, while push notifications serve as helpful reminders. Their members earn points and receive regular progress reviews for motivation.

The Outcome

Our insurance partner used our personalized content recommendation engine to boost their own member engagement. Prior to implementing Recco, our partner’s health platform had fewer than 3.5% of their members enrolled. Of that 3.5%, only 7% used the product for more than 12 weeks. Since incorporating Recco into a similar platform, they are seeing 19.9% monthly member enrollment growth rate, and 32% of members engaging in a sustained, meaningful way.

By embracing digital engagement, our partner members’ saw improved satisfaction, increased engagement, and better health outcomes.

At Signifco, we have achieved remarkable success and growth in the industry, thanks to our innovative solutions and dedicated team of experts.


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