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Case Studies
Stop Smoking App For A Major Insurance Provider

Significo built an app for a major insurance company designed to help insured users in quitting smoking.


Large Insurance Provider

About Client:




Strategic Partner and Technology Solutions Provider

Solutions Provided

video and audio guides, preparation checklists, cataloging smoking cravings, what to do if you relapse, and the overall language of the product contribute to the overall goal of accompanying a user through the tricky journey of quitting.
users engage with the app and catalog their motivations for quitting smoking. From a preventative healthcare standpoint, particularly in the field of addiction management, moments of reflection are a powerful tool for motivating users and reminding them of their larger health goals.
Smoking Diary
the diary feature allows users to log their desire to smoke and cigarettes smoked (pre-stop date) and post-stop date. Users can record similar issues and receive evaluations based on their input to help flag situations which trigger them and give them the chance to reflect on how to avoid similar situations in the future.
users can see how much money they have saved by not smoking, how many cigarettes they haven't smoked and how many days it has been since they quit. The combination of these stats helps users track their progress and contributes to the feeling of accomplishment that they should experience after breaking an addiction.
Health benefits
below the statistics, users get a swipeable list (carousel) of health benefits they get from quitting smoking. As time progresses after the stop smoking date, the counters go up and the users get an overview of the different benefits including: Blood-oxygen levels returning to normal, stroke risk decreases, etc.
KPIs dashboard for health insurance companies
through the dashboard, which collects app statistics about user behavior, our health insurance partner can identify which ages, groups, and members smoke the most, are the most willing to quit smoking, and who engages with their digital products. This data helps our client conclude where to funnel healthcare budgets and investments.
The Opportunity

A large health insurance provider partnered with Significo to develop a mobile application to help its members stop smoking.

What we did

The app supports the journey of the users to overcome addiction, thanks to a variety of tools to help users set their goals, track their progress, get support, and ultimately live healthier lives. The product also provides a KPI dashboard that helps the payer to understand and support their users.

The Outcome

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that makes quitting smoking very difficult. With this app, the insurance provider can coach members and give them the best possible chance of reaching their goals. Through videos, motivational encouragement, app engagement and tracking cigarettes not smoked and money saved, the app gives users clear markers through which they can track their progress.

At Signifco, we have achieved remarkable success and growth in the industry, thanks to our innovative solutions and dedicated team of experts.


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