Jan 16, 2024, Berlin, Germany – In a move that marks a significant chapter in its growth, Significo GmbH, a human-centered health software company, proudly announces the acquisition of the distinguished software development firm, Piobyte. This acquisition is a testament to the enduring partnership and shared aspirations that have united these two companies over many years.

"We're at a transformative juncture in our mission to redefine health technology,” said Rick McCartney, DNP, CEO of Significo GmbH. “Integrating Piobyte is more than an expansion; it's a celebration of a longstanding collaboration and mutual vision. We're poised for an exhilarating future, enriched by the incredible talent joining our ranks."

Piobyte, based in Potsdam and founded in 2010, develops software solutions for web portals, hardware integrations, and mobile apps, and brings a wealth of experience in healthcare compliance and Digital Therapeutics. Significo develops custom solutions that impact as many lives as possible, and offers products and apps for licensing and customization. This expansion will enable Significo to offer more comprehensive service, products, and solutions to German insurance companies, employee benefits providers, large employers, the pharmaceutical industry, and consumers. 

Piobyte, known for its team of exceptionally skilled professionals, aligns perfectly with Significo's ethos and culture, promising a seamless integration and team alignment. The new team shares a common goal of humanizing health through innovation, and building a better company to do it. Piobyte's streamlined process management and documentation expertise will enhance Significo’s operational efficiency, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, human-centered digital health solutions.

"It is a very exciting time for me. I am looking forward to implementing projects together in a powerful team and leading the projects to success. Even though I already know many of my colleagues from our previous collaboration, I'm looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues,” says Jonas Bruestel, Co-founder of Piobyte, serving as a Software Engineer at Significo.

A driver of the acquisition is the commitment, from both Significo and Piobyte, to ongoing innovation and development. In addition to offering customized solutions and off-the-shelf products for licensing, Significo is committed to addressing big challenges in health that will impact as many lives as possible, using technology. This drives Significo’s R&D, innovation, and product development, and is behind future products including a digital therapeutic platform for chronic conditions. This acquisition reflects a shared commitment to using technology to improve and challenge the standards of health management, and a robust innovation pipeline that can now be accelerated.  

“The significance of this growth lies not only in the expanded technical capabilities but also in the cultural synergy it brings,” said Stefan Pratsch, CEO and CO-founder of Piobyte. “Piobyte's vibrant and creative culture melds seamlessly with Significo's human-centric approach, creating an environment where innovation thrives. This combination is set to invigorate the team, spurring them on to develop solutions that make healthcare more accessible and personal.” Stefan is Director of Engineering.

By embracing Piobyte's team, Significo furthers its vision of leading in health software, offering the most advanced technologies with a focus on empowering the real people using the technology, with the highest standards of quality and performance.

“As we move forward to an exciting new phase, we congratulate the Piobyte team for their remarkable journey and success so far,” said McCartney. “Together, we step into a future where our combined strengths will continue to drive innovation in health, making a lasting impact on real people, real lives.”

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