AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Significo Health, previously known as Vilua Healthcare GmbH, announced a pivotal rebranding today.

The company's rebrand follows the strategic majority investment by entrepreneurs Rick McCartney and Chris Koha and a successful $12 million Series A funding round. With two decades of expertise delivering secure software services to top healthcare organizations in Germany, Significo is poised to make a significant impact on the global health tech landscape.

"Announcing this strategic rebranding is an exciting time for us," says Rick McCartney, CEO. "Not only are we better equipped to serve our existing clients under the Significo banner, our strengthened team allows us to provide a highly customized and impactful digital health experiences to users around the world."

The company's roadmap outlines audacious strategies designed to drive growth and pioneer innovation in the industry. This includes an expansion of the product range to cater to a broader array of customer needs and an aim to continually deliver exceptional value to existing clients by strengthening offerings and customer support.

Demonstrating Significo's dedication to building a team of technologists who believe that their craft will bring humans to the center of healthcare; the company is enhancing its bench with high-quality hires to fortify their operational bandwidth. This will put them in a strong position for sustained growth and success in the future.

About Significo:

Significo envisions a world where health technology catalyzes transformative change in people's lives and revolutionizes the industry by prioritizing the human experience. As an international company with hubs in Austin, TX, Berlin, Germany, and Spain, Significo creates digital products and technologies that elegantly solve complex health challenges, leaving a lasting impact on individuals' well-being. With its steadfast dedication to creating meaningful solutions, Significo is reshaping the digital health landscape and inspiring positive transformations in the lives of its users. With Significo, health meets humanity.

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