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Experience The Future Of Healthcare With Recco.

Recco is a SDK crafted to cater to the well-being of employees and health insurance members.

What does Recco do?

Integrates Easily

Our SDK seamlessly integrates into your
platform providing a consistent user experience.

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Balances Health

Through Recco, Significo is committed to nurturing a health-centric environment that balances mental and physical well-being, empowering every individual in their journey towards a healthier, balanced, and fulfilling life.

Makes Smart Recommendations

The cornerstone of our approach is the intelligent recommendation engine encapsulated in Recco.

Provides Insights

Using insights derived from the questionnaires, Recco crafts individualized health recommendations that are uniquely appropriate to each employee and insured life.

Personalizes Content

These recommendations, varying in intensity, nature, and quantity, ensure a highly personalized strategy aligning with each individuals unique lifestyle, needs, and wellness goals.

Integrate Recco into your app.

Our standard product, a Software Development Kit (SDK), can be effortlessly implemented into your existing app or web environment. Just two lines of code are needed to embed the access to Recco into your existing framework.

Recco Faq's

What is the integration process like?

The integration is intended to be quite simple. It starts with our team creating a primary user account for your team to access the Back-Office for recco. This is where you can create apps and add other team users to access the system. From the Back-Office you can create keys that you will use to access recco from your applications. You will then load the SDK into your application with a short code snippet, and indicate the button or other interface element that will kick off recco by linking to recco from that element. Then you build your app file and you are ready to release. This will typically take around 15 minutes in total.


What types of content is provided?

Recco supports video, image, and text content. Typically a user will see predominantly text with images as we are getting to know their interests, and then videos are thoughtfully displayed in the mix depending on the preferences and engagement of the person viewing the content.


How much content is on the platform?

There are thousands of pieces of content on Recco, and more is added daily. We do not want to overwhelm people with content, or create doom-scrolling, so we will release content to people over time. As people interact with different content types and subjects, this informs what they will see in future use of Recco.


How are recommendations updated?

Recommendations are always being created, and recco builds profiles of the people using it to predict what future content will be most interesting. Then new content is created and made available. We create content by a combination of reviewing high value health materials in the public domain, summarizing or interpreting that content in our recommendations, and then evaluating the existing recommendations for how often they are viewed, liked, or passed over. Content that does not seem to resonate with users will be updated or removed so that we are only keeping high value content.


Making Healthcare Human.

If you work in Employee Wellbeing or Health Insurance and would like to explore integrating with our products please reach out and we can set some time to discuss your needs and potential fit.Alternatively, if you work at a healthcare company, and have a technology need that you would like assistance with; we are happy to discuss your needs.