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Strategic majority investment in Vilua Healthcare

Digital Health Solutions Provider, Significo, Embarks on Expansion Journey with Funding Round and Strategic Executive Appointments

March 28, 2023

Austin, Texas  Entrepreneurs Rick McCartney & Chris Koha announce their strategic majority investment in Vilua Healthcare GmbH, a German provider of health monitoring and management services.

or the past 20 years, Vilua (formerly Welldoo and XXWell) has had a strong reputation for delivering secure and reliable software services to top healthcare organizations in Germany. The new majority investment aligns with the goals of McCartney & Koha to improve and expand positive health impact in the global market. It will enhance Vilua’s reputation as a provider of secure and reliable digital health solutions, and expand a growing portfolio of healthcare products and services that empower users to take ownership of their health and data.

The acquisition will build upon Vilua's existing technological expertise with additional engineering and product resources to enhance the company's impact potential and competitiveness in the market. "This investment in Vilua is a key strategic move as it enables us to better serve existing clients in Germany while streamlining our ability to provide best-in-class AI-based solutions globally," said Rick McCartney, CEO. The transaction was completed in August 2022.

This strategic majority investment in Vilua Healthcare GmbH was enthusiastically supported by a team of investors who have participated in multiple past transactions of McCartney and Koha; Doug Blough, Jay Rogers, Jim and Maureen McCartney, Robert Gauntt, Bob Whelan, and Bobby McCartney.

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